This article explains how to register your smartphone with Omni Chat.

NOTE: You should have received an email that includes all the information required to register your phone with Omni. You won't be able to complete the registration if you don't have access to that information.


  • Omni Chat app installed on your Android phone.

To Register Your Phone:

  1. Open Omni.
    The Registration screen will be displayed.
  2. Enter a Username or ID.
    For example, you can enter names like Bob, Bob Cooper, Trainer One or an ID like M4. The Username or ID that you enter is how you will be 'known' in Omni.

  3. Enter the Domain URL provided in the email you received.
  4. Enter your Mobile Number.

    NOTE: Australia (
    +61) is the default country code. You do not need to complete the following steps 5 and 6 if +61 is the desired code, and can proceed to step 8.
  5. To change the country code, tap the Country Code selector.
    The Country Code list screen is displayed.

  6. Tap a country row to select a code. A yellow selector indicates the selected country code.
  7. Tap the Done button. The Registration screen is displayed.

  8. Tap the Connect button.
    The Registration Confirmation screen is displayed. A six digit confirmation code is automatically sent as a text message to your mobile number.

  9. Enter the confirmation code into the six fields.

  10. Tap the Confirm button.
    Your phone is now registered with Omni and the Chats screen is displayed. You can now create your first 
    one-on-one or group chat.